Grant Applications


Choose the grant that best suits your project &  fill out the application by clicking the link below. 

Our team meets on the first Wednesday of each month to review grants. Please take this in consideration when applying. 

A few things to consider when formulating your grant application...

Community issues and needs.

The impact of what you want to do.

Explore all community resources available, like donations and expert advice before sending in your request.


The Youth Generosity Project Grants

Youth Philanthropy Initiative

This is a yearly grant application for Wood River Valley nonprofits who have a project to be funded. Students from our local high schools will review the grants and award funding where they determine is best. 


Intergenerational Changemakers

This grant is available to any group of community members who would like to apply for funding to address a local need in Blaine County Idaho. All grant applications must either directly benefit youth or be collaboratively spearheaded by youth & adults.

K-12 Changemakers
A Classrrom Grant Fund

This grant is a classroom based program that allows K-12 students and teachers the opportunity to be creative and fund projects that will positively impact life in Blaine County Idaho.

Click to learn more and apply. 

Our Currently Funded Projects

Click here to learn about our currently funded projects and the changemakers behind them. Need inspiration? This page will show you what other people in our community are up to and it just may spark an idea!

We look forward to working with you to create lasting change in Blaine County, Idaho!

"No act of kindness, however small, is EVER wasted"