Grant Options

Youth Philanthropy Initiative

Our Youth Philanthropy Initiative is an annual project that engages students from all of the high schools in the Wood River Valley. Under the guidance of our grant managers and teachers, students meet weekly for six weeks to evaluate grant applications from local nonprofits. 

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K-12 Changemakers

Our K-8 Changemakers is a classroom grant that allows students and teachers the opportunity to take something they are passionate about and apply for a grant to positively impact life in Blaine County, Idaho.


Intergenerational Changemakers

Our Intergenerational Changemakers grant is available to any group of community members who would like to apply for funding to address a local need that benefits our local youth or is collaboratively spearheaded by them.

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We offer three distinct grant funds. Find the one that suits your project best.

1.) The Youth Philanthropy Initiative is for high school students and local nonprofits. 

2.) The K-12 Changemakers is for students and educators in our elementary, middle and high schools.

3.) The Intergenerational Changemakers is for community members and youth.