Intergenerational Changemakers

Youth and adults working together for community change. 


The Community Grant is available to any group of community members who would like to apply for funding to address a local need. All grant applications must either directly benefit youth or be collaboratively spearheaded by youth and adults. Interested groups of people should contact The Youth Generosity Project directly or apply through our website. Grant applications will be accepted quarterly at specified dates. 


When both children and adults are invested in their community it leads to a healthier, happier place to live. When youth have the opportunity to work side by side with adults, not only do they learn directly from these role models, but they feel respected and responsible, which, in turn, leads to more conscientious involved youth.  Both parties ultimately understand that the other cares and that together they can make a powerful difference. Finally, when students see that the adults in their community recognize the importance of youths’ experiences and the way that they shape community health, youth feel heard and understand that they too are important members of our community.