K-12 Changemakers


K-12 Changemakers is a classroom based program that allows K-12 students the opportunity to apply for grants to fund projects that will positively impact life in Blaine County. Under the guidance of their teacher, students will identify a problem they want to solve for their community, together they will then design a solution and then apply for grant funding from the Youth Generosity Project. If a classroom receives funding, YGP will also provide the relevant resources, connections, and necessary coaching to execute their vision.   

All projects must have a demonstrable outcome during the school year, but may be multi-year endeavors. 



By engaging youth in community solutions, not only can they make a great impact on the place they call home, but they also experience generosity, community engagement and individual growth. When youth take on leadership within their communities and feel empowered from a young age to “do good” they become more active, involved teens and adults. They feel valued and gain a greater understanding of all the aspects and diversity that come together to make a community.  

Previously Funded K-12 Projects


Kerstin Flavin

Hemingway Elementary

Covid Inspired Sensory Walk

In the summer of 2020, when it became clear that students would not return to school as usual, Hemingway Elementary PE teacher, Kerstin Flavin recognized that all students would need additional resources to help them cope with less class time, fewer resources outside the classroom, and online learning. She particularly noted that students participating in the Special Education, Speech, and Occupational Therapy programs needed more sensory opportunities. 


In response, Flavin proposed a “Sensory Stroll” that could be used as a “mask break” or “brain break” from daily work. Flavin sought student input and the help of fellow teachers to bring the Sensory Stroll to life. The “stroll” consists of brightly colored games and pathways students can find all over the campus. 


One year later, kids and community members alike are still playing on “the stroll” during recess and after school when the space is open as a park.  

Some of our youngest participants are incredible innovators and changemakers. Take a look at past projects to see their work. 

Danica Robrahn

Hemingway Elementary

Puzzles for The Senior Connection

Last fall, Danica Robrhan, Hemingway Art Teacher extraordinaire, began to think about the impact of COVID on the elders in our community.  She knew that in order to protect their health, many senior citizens were not able to socialize in groups. Her goal was to find a way to engage her students to brighten the days of local seniors.


Their solution? Individually decorated puzzles. In art class, students planned, designed, and painted original drawings onto puzzle boards. Hemingway middle school maker's space students then used the laser cutter to create cardboard trays for each puzzle. The Youth Generosity Project provided the materials and delivered the puzzles to the Senior Connection in Hailey. The Senior Connection, in turn, gifted the puzzles to several of their homebound members. 


We know Ms. Robrahn’s students’ puzzles brightened the day for so many seniors during a difficult time.