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Puzzles for The Senior Connection: A Covid Project

A K-12 Changemaker Grant at Hemingway STEAM School

Thanks to some amazing artists at one of our local elementary schools and their incredible art teacher, the Youth Generosity Project was able to continue our work within the community in the midst of the Pandemic.

Last fall, Danica Robrhan, Hemingway Art Teacher extraordinaire, began to think about the impact of COVID on the elders in our community. She knew that in order to protect their health, many senior citizens were not able to socialize in groups. Her goal was to find a way to engage her students to brighten the days of local seniors.

Their solution? Individually decorated puzzles. In art class, students planned, designed, and painted original drawings onto puzzle boards. Hemingway middle school maker's space students then used the laser cutter to create cardboard trays for each puzzle. The Youth Generosity Project provided the materials and delivered the puzzles to the Senior Connection in Hailey. The Senior Connection, in turn, gifted the puzzles to several of their homebound members.

We know Ms. Robrahn’s students’ puzzles brightened the day for so many seniors during a difficult time.

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