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Science in a Bag: A Project with The Space Idaho

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

An Intergenerational Changemaker Grant

In the Spring of 2022 The Youth Generosity Project awarded a grant to The Space Idaho, a local nonprofit who is dedicated to closing the equity gap and creating opportunities in education by providing access to high quality academic support and college counseling.

The project, Science in a Bag, was created to provide STEM learning opportunity through the summer months. Kids were given science based bags that included everything needed to put together projects like woodpecker toys, rocket launchers, water sprinklers and gliders. Each activity was STEM based, and helped young people connect science concepts to fun, interesting and hands-on activities.

Local kids who often ride their bikes to the Bloom Truck for a free lunch and library books during our summer months were able to participate in this exciting program. The kids received instructions on how to assemble the projects from tutors who work for The Space, but were also able to take them home for more learning and fun. For this project The Space was able to partner with the Community Library and the Hunger Coalition, a few local nonprofits who are also doing great things in our community!

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