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Incredible Season of YPI!

The Youth Generosity Project is excited to be wrapping up the 2022-2023 season of YPI, our Youth Philanthropy Initiative. Each year students from our local high schools spend three months learning about the current needs of local nonprofits, reading through grant applications and in the end awarding grant money to the nonprofit(s) that they choose to support.

This season we had groups at all three of our high schools meeting weekly, over 45 students, and over a dozen local nonprofit partners participate. Each group is given $5,000 to donate to the nonprofit(s) whose projects they choose to support in the Wood River Valley.

We are incredibly proud of all that the students accomplished this year. They take the time to learn, discuss, and deliberate how they can make the greatest impact in their community. They are incredibly capable and bright and it is exciting to see the impact they have and how this program helps them grow. We are grateful to the teachers who guide them through this process and to the nonprofits who take the time to share their passion for their organizations with the students.

In the end our groups awarded over $15,000 to The Senior Connection, Swiftsure, the Alliance of Idaho, Sawtooth Botanical Garden & the I Have a Dream Foundation.

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