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The Youth Generosity Project

We are a nonprofit committed to empowering youth and enriching life in Blaine County, Idaho.

The Youth Generosity Project awards grants and provides resources for projects that are spearheaded by the youth in our community or directly benefits them. 


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The Youth Philanthropy Iniative

A program that puts 9th-12th grade students in the driver's seat of generosity by allocating grants to local nonprofits!

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K-12 Changemakers


Classroom based grants for passionate students and teachers in Kindergarten-8th grade in the Wood River Valley.

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Intergenerational Changemakers

Community based grants that allow community members of all ages to work together to benefit local youth!

"We want to engage students, local nonprofits and community members to creatively impact their community through collaboration, youth leadership, generosity, education, and connection."

-The Youth Generosity Project 

A Peek into The Youth Philanthropy Initiative
A Program of The Youth Generosity Project

Youth Philanthropy Initiative

Youth Philanthropy Initiative

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